Far East Cafe
Seafood Cuisine 
  631 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94108
TEL: (415) 982-3245
FAX: (415) 362-8865

Open Daily
11.30 AM TO 10.00PM
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白飯每席 $15.   汽水每枝 $5.  壽桃 $18.  伊麵 $25.  楊州炒飯 $25.  各式糖水 $22.  開瓶费每枝 $15.

Steam rice $15.00 per table. Soda $5.00 per bottle. Soft noodles$25.00, Fry rice $25, Corkage fee $15.00 per table. Banquet menu prices and items are subject to change without notice.

(No personal check or credit card are accepted for banquet dinner.)(Tax,  gratuity and extra charges are not included)

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